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Eclectic collection of memories. The photo-write ups of my projects; my bikes & Land-Rovers; Land-Rover adventures; biking days out, all that kind of stuff, for your entertainment & amusement.


31st August 2013. Looking at 'Whats On' pages, the BSnG show popped up. Horse & Jockey Corley; barely seven miles away, on Donna's day off, decided it would be rude not to potter over on the Pup really, so we did. Thank You Antelopes, for a great day. Easy, relaxed, friendly, and every-one's called 'Dave'?!?!?!?!?!?

Last Changed: 06/09/13

A very well preserved example of the model, an 1987 CB125TD-E, that had been used by a fair-weather rider while learning, and was in remarkably good fettle apart from an engine that wouldn't run, having no compression. Bought because the price was good, with the idea that it might make a good project bike for Donna, or an easy fix to give her a 'rider' while she did a full renovation on another bike, things didn't go to plan; then hicupped, when I started to sort it after I had finished the Corporal, eventually getting round to doing it 'properly' autumn 2012. Completed, passing MOT first time, no advisories, November 2012, & currently 'For Sale'.

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Last Changed 21/11/12

This DT is a bit of a Mongrel. Originally registered in 1975, it would have been a twin-shock model, probably badged 'Enduro'. However at some point in its life, probably around the introduction of the 125 Learner-Laws in 1983, it was re-built into a mono-shock DT175MX frame. I acquired it in the spring of 2010, as something to muck about with, as its got a high seat height and not a lot of weight, and I can hold it up a lot more easily than the Dawg! It was also cheaper than a new set of tyres for the Dawg!

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Last Changed: 23/05/13

Rather like 'The Black-One', The Corporal, cropped up on e-bay, very local, with a low bid price, and a dead engine. Seemed like a likely candidate for attention, and since it still had T&T on it, it was the first bike I started renovating, it proving a more daunting job than anticipated, discovering that it was in far worse state than first appearances, or a valid MOT cert suggested it ought to be, and I had a lot of work to do, undoing a lot of the former owners work 'resuscitating' the old girl, rather than restoring her! Completed, July, 2011, & sold August 2011.

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Last Changed 15/06/12

July 2010: The LRO Forumers have decided to make Bala an annual 'bash'. Its back, its bigger, its better, its in the SUMMER so we don't freeze to the floor, but will we make it! Seven days of off-road action, and we have a Range-Rover, we have a fancy Lap-Top navigation system, we have a tent, but we don't have an MOT, or Tax! Well of course we made it, or I wouldn't have anything to write about, would I! But oh, boy! Talk about winging it!

Last Changed: Title Only

Donna wanted a 'Project' to learn her mechanics. She also wanted something to replace the Cruiser-Thing when it had been nicked. And she liked the idea of building a mini version of the Dawg, and christening it 'The-Pup'! so here it is. A 1986 Honda CB125TD-C 'Super-Dream'.

Last Changed: 28/12/10

The First Project Bike we bought, proved to be a well disguised scrapper, so I broke it for spares, creating a 'heap' of parts to which I keep adding, with bits and bobs that have come with the other bikes, come off the other bikes, or been else-wise acquired from garage clear-outs and the like!

Last Changed: 23/11/10

September 2009: We had been working interminably, through the summer to fix The Land-Rovering Lilliputian, Jaine's, beloved Challenge 90, 'Her-Landyship', and promising, that when she was done, we'd do a little 'laning. In the end, we got an afternoon doing a few of the local lanes, but what the heck!

Last Changed: 10/03/12

October 2009: Half Term, some of the Land-Rover Owner's Forumer's, decide to have a week-end in Wiltshire driving sections of the Ridgeway, before it closes for the winter. We gas Honey up, chuck the tent in the back and head down to join them.

Last Changed: 12/02/12

July 2009: First week-end of the kids school Summer holiday, and there were two rival Land Rover shows scrapping it out for all our attention, so WE decided to ignore BOTH of them, and go green-laning, on Salisbury Plain, and hoped not to get shot at by any tanks like Jezza!

Last Changed: Title Only

The Cruiser-Thing was a 2005 AJS-Regal Raptor DD125E motorcycle. Designed and market for the old BSA Regal Group in Britain, but built in China from components designed in Japan! Donna bought it in Spring 2008, as it was cheap, and with just its first MOT, new enough to promise reliability. As Chinese bikes go, this shows that that aren't ALL bad.. but they aint all that great, either!

Last Changed: 20/11/10

June 2009: My First Pay & Play Day..... some shakey in car video footage, edited from what was salvaged from the tape in the camera that got dropped! An interesting and fun excursion, the main adventure being the journey home on the end of a Tow-Rope behind Abe's TDi RRC!

Last Changed: 05/12/10

My Second 1991 Range Rover 3.9 Vogue auto. Almost identical to Jaqui, includng the colour, and named by the former owner in deference to her number-plate. But Honey was a matronly old Golden Labrador my Gran 'rescued' when I was a kid, who had a penchant for frolicking in the fields and chasing rabbits! The similarities are uncanny! anyway, I bought Honey because after three years, Jaqui needed just TOO much money spending on her. Not that Honey didn't, but, it was where and on what! so been getting there, slowly!

Last Changed: 11/12/10

April 2009: The LRO Forumers Easter gathering at Bala Wales, and we went in a Honda Chavic! But, hey at least we went!

Last Changed: 02/06/09

August 2007: Jaqui's first rough-road adventure! Laning on you Doorstep; We took to the trails of South Warwickshire with a couple of the lads from LRBoards. To give Jaqui a bit of a shake-down, get the new Mud Terrains dirty, and see if anything falls off. This is the sort of 'intimate' trail-blazing I want to do more of, and is more 'real' green-laning than the headline trails of our previous adventures

Last Changed: 06/03/08

February 2006: A Serendipitous Story of heart warming sentiment. Stripping 'Wheezil', I had a buyer for his back axle, but he was 100 odd miles away and couldn't travel to have a look. HAVING nothing better to do, I offered to deliver it, which resulted in a great day out, particularly for one eight year old boy.......... and two full grown ones, coming across a rather special Series II......

Last Changed: 30/05/07

As in Jumpin'Jack's Flash, runs on Gas-Gas-Gas! The fleet shrinks to one, after Bert leaves, and Wheezil - well, went to mb_02.gifbetter places. What was needed was one car to do all. It had to be Cheap. Very Cheap. And even cheaper to run. So what did I do? I bought a Range Rover with something near a four litre V8 engine in it!

Last Changed: 22/04/09

BlackDawg is a 1993 Honda CB750 'Retro', that was supposed to hark back to the original CB750 'four' hailed as the first 'super-bike'.... So what do you do with a twelve year old not a classic, ex dispatch 'heap' bought for very little money? Well, I wanted some two wheeled fun, so anything goes really! But the first thing was to get rid of the Cam-moo-flage paint job!

Last Changed: 26/12/10

Berts V8 is renovated from 'Knacker' to 'Cracker'. This article follows the thought process's as well as the actual 'project'. The RV8, is a daunting prospect for an amateur to rebuild, but ACTUALLY, it's not at all that bad. It took about seven weeks from start to finish, working evenings and weekends, and cost approximately 700. It is quite a 'do-able' project, and a couple of people on the Forum have followed the example quite successfully.

Last Changed 31/05/07

December 2003: Derbyshire, in the snow, with a dodgy alternator! Brilliant scenery and some entertaining driving, and dry turkey sandwiches for lunch!

Last Changed: 30/05/07

December 2003: No Pictures for this run I'm afraid, my camera broke. A day in the Leicestershire & Nottinghamshire mud with a bunch of nutters from the LRLRC. Sticky going!

Last Changed: 30/05/07

October 2003: Bert heads off road. Oh dear. A great run through the forests and out to the sea. Don't bend it, I need him for work in the morning. And What's that grinding noise?

Last Changed: 30/05/07

September 2003: Liked it so much we had to do it again. Back to Wales to do one of the longest unsurfaced trails in the British Isles. More demanding driving, and even more stunning scenery. Great Stuff.

Last Changed: 30/05/07

August 2003: Our first Green Laning expedition, with the North Wales crew. OK, so lets see if four wheel drive works, which lever is it again? OK, which way are we going? Hmm this isn't too difficult. Great scenery. Oh-mi God we are up to our axles in a RIVER!!!!!

Last Changed: 30/05/07

As in 'Bert eez gotta Vee E-I-G-H-T!'. Berts a 1985 Range Rover Automatic. Acquired as an unfinished project with the risk that if he couldn't easily pass an MOT, he could give up his engine and running gear for Wheezil. Bloomin thing passed, so became the wife's daily driver. Cantankerous old sod that he is. + Bert's Transplant  Further trials and tribulations of Living with an old Rover. Bert Ground to a halt late one night on the M6. The tale of putting him to rights, or sort of rights.

Last Changed: 22/04/09

Wheezil is an asthmatic old 109" Series 3 & the start of our Landying adventures. Why did I get her, and what have I done with her, and all that sort of stuff. Worth having a look at if you are wondering whether a Landy might be the car for you.

Last Changed: 30/05/07

May 1998: Possibly my last 'Young, Free & single' excursion, as I came home, to my engagement party! The ferry ticket had been booked six months earlier though, so I was going come what may. I had NEVER made it to the island, refusing to go on a coach-trip. If I was going, I was going on a bike! Unfortunately, throughout University, it always fell on the engineering courses, later, 'Exam-Week', so I didn't really have the opportunity until I left and started work. Only then I had no bike! So in the BRIEF window of opportunity, I snatched at it. Wettest bloomin TT fortnight in living memory! '

Last Changed: Title Only

October 1997: I was young, free and single, and heading off wherever the fancy took me on to do 'stuff'. It wasn't to last. I met this 'family' you see... at the time, they were merely a work-mate's, girlfriend's neighbours... but when one of the kids told me how much they all liked bikes, I ended up offering to take them all to Weston for the Beach-Races, because I couldn't quite explain the mad-cap, run-what-y'brung, end of season bike killer it is. Don't ask me what's going on, it was nearly fifteen years ago, and I probably didn't know THEN. But digging through the archives, I found the 'photo's so here they are.

Last Changed: 12/01/11

Novemba-Pappa, is a 1984 Honda VF1000 'Interceptor'; grey imported from the US in the mid '90's. I acquired her in August 1997, and have recently discovered the photo's I took on the day I went to collect her, so this is now an updated account of that day, from the archives.

Last Changed 13/01/11

Between jobs, as diversion to the tedium of scouring the situations vacant ads in all the midlands papers; and armed with a boot load of spared procured from Jim Sandiford Motorcyles, while I still had some money; I set about renovating my 1981 Montesa Cota 248; and when it was done? Going Trialzin on it! Uncle Fred came along incase I broke a leg, and waved my camera about, so one of the few trials I have photo's of myself competing in. I didn't do very well, as I recall though!

Last Changed: 04/09/13

November 1993; I had just got all the kit to set up my own photographic 'Dark-Room' And I had the 'stuff' to try making colour photo's. It was a grey autumn day, & my little brothers were moping about the house, and spotting the RAC Rally was on in the local newspaper; decided to take them over and see if I could get some pictures to try processing with my new toys!

Last Changed: 17/08/13

I think it was 1991 anyway. I was at my Mum's in Stafford for the holidays; but Pam had a 'spare' French exchange student for them too, who turned out to be a bit of a bike nut, when I turned up on the AR125. COULDN'T understand a RUDDY word she said.... but... the Classic was on, a few miles out of town, so I took her to see it. In the car?!?!?!?

Last Changed: Title Only


5th August 1990; After years going to race meetings, and if I took any photo's being a bit disappointed with a significant lack of frame filling action; I decided to go along and see the racing with my recently acquired SLR camera and telephoto lens, and get some shots of my hero's! all pictures scanned from old film negatives.

Last Changed: 17/08/13

Brief history of the last quarter century or so with my old cota! From competitive contemporary clubman mount, to classic! The old girls like part of the furniture now. And, until a couple of seasons ago, was in continual service throughout. Hopefully she will be again, one-day, maybe!

Last Changed: 30/05/07




One of two bikes we were e-bidding on at the same time, as candidates for Donna's Pup-Project. Idea was we might not win either, but if we did, she could choose the one she liked most and I'd do the other as a bit of occupational therapy. As yet to see any significant attention!

Last Changed: 23/11/10

Five-alive was sold with Scruffy, as a Donor-Bike for parts, Seller telling me he'd intended to take the seat, exhaust and forks off to get Scruffy through an MOT. But, a little fresh-petrol in a tank that wasn't clogged with silt, and a new ignition barrel, to replace the bear wires from a botched attempt at hot-wiring, and messing around, the little rascal fired up almost first prod, and has kept haranguing me, by poking me in the ribs or grabbing my overall's pleading not to be 'disassembled'....

Last Changed 15/06/12




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