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Motorcycle Stuff

Around about 1999, I was sat twiddling my thumbs at work, pondering redundancy. Reading a Riders-Review on line for the VF1000F on line, which I thought was a little harsh, I composed my own, more favourable a rendition. Two years later, the Used Bike Guide, published it! I actually had something I wrote, published in something people paid money for at the news stands! So, here it is, complete, as published, MY Buyers advice on the Honda VF1000.

Last Changed 13/01/11

Where to start, looking for Rider to Rider radios for bike use. The PMR446 'system' vs CB-Radio; headsets, push to talk, and the 'autocom'.

Last Changed  05/02/12

The Topic of 'Conspicuity', Hi-Vis gear and the SMIDSY; Sorry Mate I Didn't See You. A look at WHY SMIDSY accidents occur in the fist place; then what its suggested you can do to help avoid them; 'Conspicuity' aids, Day-Time-Running-Lights (DTRLs), Hi-Vis, or high-visibility clothing, and things like that. THEN whether they ACTUALLY might 'Help', as well as some of the contention over 'compulsory' Conspicuity aids.

Last Changed  06/07/12

1987 Launch Review of the Yamaha DT175MX, by Motor-Cycle-Mechanics magazine; with added comment by me. Yamaha Pioneered the Mono-Shoick rear suspension arrangement in International Scrambling from the middle of the 1973 season. By 1975, the system was offered to the buying public on the YZ 'production' Scramblers, and was on the 'streets'  for 1977 fitted to the DT250 & 400MX models; but it was the DT175, that with a claimed 16.5bhp, only half a horsepower less than the DT250, only 2/3 the weight, and a lot cheaper to both buy and run, that made it available, and showed it's advantages to the fullest, leading off-road motorcycling in the direction it has subsequently gone.

Last Changed  10/09/11

The Honda CB125 'Super-Dream' is an under-dog motorcycle. In it's day, it was Honda's idea of a 'Sports' Learner-Legal, to go head to head with the two-stroke teen-age hooligan bikes. These days, its conservative styling and four stroke engine, lump it in with the more mundane commuter bikes. so this is a little look at the history of the 125 Super-Dream, and its rivals, to appreciate just what a cracking little bike it is, and why we chose them for a Project!

Last Changed: 23/11/10

Cropped up on a Forum a Lad had spotted a CB125 Super-Dream for sale, but before going to look at it, wanted to know what to look for, so was directed to me for advice. I am NOT entirely impartial, I will at some point have one or two of these for sale, but what the heck, what's source for the goose and all that. Hopefully any-one looking to buy one of my bikes will reckon that they meet the standards I set for them!!

Last Changed: 10/02/12

Trials Bike Stuff

My first foray into constructing a web-site was based on my exploits with my 1981 Montesa Cota 248 Trials bike. That eventually got its own webby along side Tef's-tQ, but that was long ago and long lost. Reworking Tef's-tQ, intension was to widen it from being just about Land-Rovers, so it made sense to bring all the old Cota stuff into it too, so here it is. Gradually being migrated and updated.


The Original Equipment Owners'/Users Manual that came with my 1981 Montesa Cota 248, with exploded parts schematics.

Last Changed 10/02/12

Fancy having a Go at Motorcycle Trials? what do you Do? Competition Motorcycle Trials is probably the most accessible and economical form of motor sport you can get involved in, and caters to all ages and outlooks. If you fancy the idea, this gives some pointers about how to go about giving it a go!

Last Changed circa 2005!

Montesa built its world-wide reputation from competition dirt bikes, in the 1960's & 70's, but is now almost entirely associated with Trials alone. However, the marque is one of Spain's longest established motorcycle manufacturers, though to survive the financially rocky 1980's, the firm was slowly absorbed in to the Honda corporation.

Last Changed circa 2005!

A little introduction to the history of Trials, and where the T-Shock era bikes fit in to it. 1970's basically! But a little who's who and what's what, to go with it.

Last Changed circa 2005!

Classic Bike Magazine, Showcase Article. Nigel Thompson's Restored 1979 MONTESA COTA 349. Feature reproduced from Classic Bike magazine February 2003 with permission. (C) Copyright Classic Bike magazine. Montesa's rarely got much coverage in the mags, so when I came across this article, I asked if I could stick it up on the web-site. They said 'Yes', so here it is!

Last Changed circa 2005!

A barn-find Cota, I found in front of a barn, on a trip to a local college open day with my mother! Amazing how these old bikes pop-up!

Last Changed 28/05/07

Ted Poole sent me some pics of his Cota resto-project, and asked if I could help him date the bike from them. Its not a precise art, but I had a go!

Last Changed 28/05/07

Kevin Smith sent me some pics of his Cota to see if I could help him date the bike. I got really exited over tis one, as its a really early example, though not original.

Last Changed 28/05/07

Land Rover Stuff

Is a Land rover for you? Advice to potential Owners

Last Changed 30/05/07

Not a buyers guide, but comment on the anomalies of a buying or selling and old Land Rover

Last Changed 30/05/07

Putting Together an in Car 'Kit'; It's difficult to know what tools, spares, accessories or equipment to aquire and stow in your Land Rover. With so many potential situations to consider, this article has a quick look at how to choose that stuff which will be most useful to you.

Last Changed 30/05/07

Petrol Landies are thirsty. Diesel used to be the way to go, but with it approaching a pound a litre, seems there's not many ways left to keep running costs sensible.... or is there? This LPG/Autogas, stuff, sounds too good to be true. Half the price of Diesel, and environmentally friendly to boot. There's GOT to be a catch SOMEWHERE, surely? Could it be the answer? Quite possibly. But maybe not for every-one.

Last Changed 07/04/08

Magazine Clipping Article; Second Opinion on Running a V8 Disco on LPG/Autogas


Last Changed 23/04/08

A quick, and probably unfavourable look at all the various Land Rover 'toys', be they accessories or 'bolt on' modifications. Do you really need 37" Extreme off road tyres, an external roll cage and front and rear winches for the occasional spot of Sunday green laning?

Last Changed 30/05/07

Evokes memories of 'Convoy', 'Smokey & the Bandit' or worse, 'The Dukes of Hazard'. "Breaker Breaker," "Come, own, gud-buddy" and all that stuff. But don't let that put you off. CB is alive and well, and no longer the clichéd toy of a bunch of hill-billy wannabees. Out on the trails where Mobile 'phone coverage is at best marginal, if non existent, CB Radio can provide a means of car-to-car communication, that can make group runs far more intimate and entertaining. Feature looks at what you need to know to choose and install a suitable set for your vehicle, without, (for once) too much technical explanation!

Last Changed 30/05/07

Explanation of what green lanes are, and how they came about, and what you need to know about driving them.

Last Changed 30/05/07

The 'Code of Passage' for green laning. The Do's and Don'ts of driving green lanes, so as not to annoy the ramblers!

Last Changed 30/05/07

Green Laning, and other off road motorsport is under threat. This tries to explain some of the issues surrounding the pastime where the conflicts come from.

Last Changed 30/05/07

Or, Green-Lane 'Maps' & GPS Systems for Newbies, all you need to know to get started navigating the lanes, but probably NOT the answer you wanted, which was where can I buy a Sat-Nav that'll take me down Green-Lanes just like it takes me to Ikea, or where can I get a book that'll tell me every-where I can drive. Unfortunately its NOT that easy, but it needn't be TOO hard, and there is stuff that can help, and this is a good start.

Last Changed 20/21/10

A virtual green laning run. A little cyber adventure, talking you through an imaginary run somewhere in the British isles, giving you tips and pointers about how to read the terrain for traction and tackle different surfaces and obstacles and stuff.

Last Changed 30/05/07

A Promotional film by the BL: Rover-Triumph Film Unit, in I guess the early 1970's on how to use your Series Land Rover, and how to drive it in 'cross country conditions; a brilliant bit of British-and, and VERY informative too, like how to use the red and yellow levers, wading plugs, when to lower tyre pressures and how to approach obstacles!

Last Changed 07/06/07

Customising; modifying; & building a better mouse trap. Worth giving some thought to your ideas before picking up the spanners.

Last Changed 24/06/07

Get Organised & Don't bite off more than you can chew! Some practical techniques of project management. Food for thought before you get TOO enthusiastic with the spanners and angle grinder!

Last Changed 31/05/07

With 4-Star now unobtainable, and LRP getting scarce, what can you do to use Unleaded Petrol? A quick look at the ways this problem can be addressed to keep your old landy running on modern fuels.

Last Changed 31/05/07

Are they really worth it? What do they do? How do they do it? Series Land Rovers are hung on Leaf Springs, and Parabolics are vaunted as the ultimate upgrade for them. I found out there wasn't much though to tell me how they worked or why they were any good. So, I figured it out, and this article is the result.

Last Changed 31/05/07

Power Theory for Petrol Heads! A bit of lore busting; on the topic of engines and the way they make and deliver power. People talk a lot about needing torque, not power; Tuning engines to make their vehicles faster, or more economical, and all sorts of things like that. End of the day, whatever the engine is doing it; what we are really interested in is what it does, and that comes down to a thing called 'Thrust'.

Last Changed 30/12/07


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