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Teflon's Prose - Poetry about Motion & Other Stuff!

Poetry about Motion & Other Stuff!

Rummaging around some very old 'archive' and 'back-up' discs, I came across a bunch of poems I had written in some of my more contemplative moods! A lot of them were written when I was a LOT younger, and they probably aren't all THAT good, but what the heck, during the 'make-over' I consciously decided that I had to break up the monotony of the Land-Rover stuff and put some more 'general interest' bits and pieces on the site, so I thought, they are original and I might as well stick them up on here for all to read as leave them hidden away on an old 3 1/2" floppy!

Bard Bargain


Some entertaining prose, eulogising on the topic of Series Three ownership. May make you smile!


A Biker Bitch! If you have to ask - y'wouldn't understand!


An ode to the Road!


?!Lyrics for a Celluloid Vamp!?


A Love Poem


Conundrum of Life!


Seeking the Demons Within!


A Romance in a Glance


To Watch the suffering of entangled souls!


Another 'mirror to the soul' poem - like the world needs any more!


Utopia Lost in the Translation to EU 'Harmonisation', (for Heather)


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Land Rover Poem

A Series III Eulegy


It coughs in the morning, and wheezes at night,

It rattles and creaks, and's a TERRIBLE sight!

The lights are pathetic, the wipers a joke,

And following traffic is lost in dense smoke!

It leaks oil from the engine, and more from the 'box,

Some on the drive, and more on your socks!

Turning the steering, needs plenty of might,

But it makes little difference if you turn left or right!

It goes where it wants, whether you want to or not,

And heaven help you, if you want it to stop!


It makes lots of noise, just finding the gears,

Hard to believe, they last so many years.

It bounces around on leaf springs so stiff,

They only just move, if you drive off a cliff!

The seats aren't much better, too much soft foam,

Gives a numb bumb, by the time you get home.

Which will take quite a while, 'cos it's far from being fast,

Sports-cars to mopeds, they all seem to go past!

So what do have? What is it we see?

Lurking within, and old Series Three?


Character? Charm? We love'em I'pose,

For some unknown reason, beyond mere prose.

They transcend mortal language, have REAL soul,

Like they're alive, more than metal & oil.

A Trusty old friend, whatever the weather,

Wont let you down, well almost never.

Through thick and thin, they'll give you their best,

And when it gets tough, they'll just leave the rest.

They may be a pain, but they get better with time,

And, this one my friend, well this one is mine!

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Thin Black Ribbon

An ode to the Road!


Thin Black Ribbon, Where will you lead,

when Iím on the move, youíre all I need,

Gas in the tank, Ďní the wind in my hair,

Thin Black Ribbon, Yígonna take me somewhere,


Thin Black Ribbon, a route of escape,

Take me away, before itís too late,

No place to run, no place to hide,

Thin Black Ribbon, Youíre on my side.


Thin Black Ribbon, Gravel and Tar,

When Iím with you, I know youíll take me far,

Iím on your back, wending your way,

Thin Black Ribbon, I am here to stay,


Thin Black Ribbon, Motor droning along,

Iím in the saddle, nothing can go wrong,

I am your master, I am in command,

Thin Black Ribbon, alluring dark strand.


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Hot Evil Angel

?!Lyrics for a Celluloid Vamp!?


Hot Evil Angel, Dangerous Game,
Youíre playing with a fire, Not easy to tame,
Death in a launderette, Rape in the street,
Seduction of the masses, whilst you sleep,
But the man with the glasses, Advises the news,
Anarchy in numbers, What do You choose,
Fascists in the Houses, or Reds in the dark,
All rigid regimes, Cold and stark.

Hot Evil Angel, Tare in your Dress,
Hot Evil Angel, Bedraggled temptress,
Hot Evil Angel, Devil in disguise,
Devils Disciple, All Sanitised,
Hot Evil Angel, All but dressed in black,
Hot Evil Angel, visual attack,
Hot Evil Angel, In need of care,
Youíre Ice on fire, babe, Buyer beware,
Raising Desire, with this chilling fire,
Burn Evil Angel, Sink in the mire,
Hot evil Angel, Devil in Despair,
Ice on Fire, Temptation Fare.

Images are primal, your playing with desire,
steady with the lipstick, you walk a taut wire,
Killing look of silence, Brings men to their knees,
Tempt them with your body, then take what you please,
Fucking up the system, screwing up the man,
Put it down on paper, and sell it to the fans,
Scandal in the turmoil, roomers on the boil,
Thrills and pictures, Murky waters, under oil,
Visions of the future, shadows of the past,
Presents from the cheater, a wife amongst the cast,
Youíre living on the edge, but the living is good,
undercover paparazzi, to be Miss Understood,
Hot Evil Angel, youíre playing a weighted game,
You think it all exiting, youíre on youíre way to fame,
Heaven donít entice you, you know youíre gonna burn,
Hot Evil Angel, Will you ever learn.

hot Evil Angel, manipulative pawn,
You took it to the limit, now weather the storm,
The man in the kitchen, Will remove your dress,
Discordant screams, pleasures of the flesh,
Hot Evil Angel, Original sin,
Listen to the heathen, coming from within,
Mocking discontent, from another room,
Immortal Scent, embalm, entomb.

Lost in the glory, of another manís greed,
The camera closes in, for the mob to feed,
Affairs of the daughter, naked in the Glen,
Child of the moonlight, Naked in the lens,
Hot Evil Angel, Deep rivers running still,
Cut him up in pieces, and put him through the mill,
Keep a step ahead, in this trying game,
Loose him in the tangle, and donít accept the blame,
Shame him from the bedroom, Kill him from within,
Push him to the limit, then reel him back again,
Keep the public guessing, is it really true,
What really happened, between him and you,
Printed in the tabloids, for them all to read,
Last bastions of truth, all but gone to seed,
Sensational scandal, all over page three,
Hot Evil Angel, you really earned your fee.

Hot evil Angel, Tare in your dress,
Hot Evil Angel, Bedraggled Temptress,
Hot Evil Angel, Devil in disguise,
Devils disciple, all sanitised,
Hot Evil Angel, All but dressed in black,
Hot Evil Angel, Hell must want you back,
Hot evil Angel, In need of loving care,
Youíre Ice on fire, dear, Buyer beware,
I canít stand the desire, of your Ice on fire,
Burn Evil Angel, Sink in the mire,
Hot Evil Angel, Devil in despair,
Cold Ice on Fire, Vanity Fare.

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A Love Poem


Dreams, bleeding into the night,
I love you,
With all of my might,
I see you,
Slipping out of sight,
I love you,
Won't give up the fight,

Fears, confuse my troubled mind,
But I love you,
I won't leave you behind,
I love you,
Believe in me, please find,
My love for you,
In you, is defined,

Slipping away, like sands in a glass,
My love,
I cannot seize, what is in the past,
But my love continues,
Undaunted, it will, forever last,
Trust in me,
My love will never pass,

Near or far, it may sometimes be unclear,
But cherish my love,
Sometimes it may be misplaced, so help me to steer,
For my love,
Will always be here,
And my love for you,
You I shall, always hold dear,

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Suicide Ride

If you have to ask - y'wouldn't understand!


Black Knight, dark town; Neon sign, scowl frown,
Up tight, going down, in pain, my own,
Misery, Memory, Despair, I drown
In dreams, too real, nightmares, Iíve sown,
Tonight, my own, white line, overdrive,
Power drive, ride, to suicide, itís here, itís there,
Going out now, in the way that I choose,
Leave it to fete, but I always seem to loose,
Too fast to live, Too good to die,
The devil takes his own, But he doesnít want me,
Souls of the weak, he seeks, Not freaks, on streets,
Who donít care, with a thousand yard stare,
Alone, I roam, too free, no home
Iím here, in the groove, I move, no fear,
Catch me if you can, Iím a motivated man,
On the road, on my bike, In sight, tonight, clichť, touchť,
If you have, to ask, you wouldnít, understand,
Its shit, a crock of crap, they say, just that,
To sound, Profound,
ĎCos they couldnít find their dick, if their live depended on it,
felt the itch, one time, on a quest, the same as mine,
on a bike, outa sight, monochrome, syndrome,
respect, my ass, your class, is crass,
orthodox, paradox, parody, of the truth that I see,
Iím free, on the road, My wha, insight
Harmony, in me,
Temporary, release, from deceased, mind state
My fete, aint wrote, by rote, or lore,
Ruled by whim, or sham, abhor, the score,
On the floor, wheels turn, pistons beat, I adore
Philosophei, my che, above the word, of man,
To me, revealed, in the breeze, with ease,
Beyond us all, life's breath!


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All Growd Up

Conundrum of Life!

Time for childish heroís. to be packed away,
Iím all grown up now, my own man, so they say,
Iím twenty five, and donít need to be lead,
Along the right path, I can make my own way, instead,
So why do I feel, so lost and alone,
What have I missed, what havenít I been shown?

So what will tomorrow, have for me in store,
The same old questions, to be asked once more,
What am I doing? Why am I here?
Where am I going? What do I fear?
Quizzically worried, puzzled and vexed,
Always confused, perpetually, perplexed.

Life is a mystery, a conundrum, a game,
Am I alone, or am I insane?
Philosophical muse, and rhetorical clues,
Is this life real, or merely cruel ruse?
I cannot decide, what is fiction or fact,
So many diversions, to consider, detract.

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Melancholy Hero

Bard Bargain

All of my yesterdays, all of my woes,
Set forth for you all, to consider in prose,

Where we were then, so long ago,
What I am I now, I donít want you to know,

Consider the things, that I offer to show,
Looking for joy, whilst pondering sorrow,

Please donít look away, or ask me to go,
ĎPon me I ask, your thoughts to bestow,

If I seem glib, tis but my natureís so,
Sad for today, but happy tomorrow,

Eloquent listener, consider me now,
For in the light, I am mere shadow


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Seeking the Demons Within!

Oh furtively, we seek, Where we fear to tread,
Afraid of the shadows, On the way to bed.
But conquering fear, Is but small glory,
In the eyes of ourselves, We see our own story.

New fears do grow, Where old ones do wane,
Suffering the silence, Of our own pain.
But challenges come, And to them we must rise,
In facing them down, We reach a new prize.

Instinctively striving, For destinies sake,
To retain our conscience, And never forsake.
The things we hold dear, In our hearts and our soul,
Lest we turn bitter, become twisted and foul,

But flirting with disaster, walking the fine line,
Red mist behind the eyes, By unconscious design,
Like a moth to the flame, We tempt our own fate,
Toying with a life, We cannot contemplate.

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A romance in a Glance!

Lost and a lone, in a room full of folk,
Why am I here, with the beer, and the smoke.
Myriad faces, with uncouth graces,
Alien worlds, in familiar places,

Laughter and song, but something is wrong,
Lost and alone, amongst a harrowing throng
Lost and alone, in solitary grace,
Watching the faces, in this desolate place,

Detached from their joy, within the mind,
Floating and free, above mankind,
Out of their grasp, beyond their reach,
Lost and alone, like a pebble on a beach.

Alice in chains, breaks free for a while,
A chance to be her, a chance to smile,
Drained of herself, by an emotional leach,
She grasps for the times, she can slip off the leash.

Locked in cruel sentence, for why he canít say,
Looking for himself in a place he donít know,
Wanting to be free, trying to get away,
Hemmed in by emotion he mustnít let show.

A man out of time, out of sync, out of place,
In curious ways, a little too much,
A man of his own, going his own pace,
Always aloof, always in touch,

Forever young, forever wise,
The woman has grace, Lost in her eyes,
Fragile and meek, easy to shake,
But, bamboo will bend where iron will break.

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Star Crossed

To Watch the suffering of entangled souls!

Today is the tomorrow, That happened a ífore yesterday,
Forget ye, thy sorrow, And think, of the day,

For time is not constant, Just a random excuse,
For moments we hold, The ones that we choose,

To cherish and hold, A dream in our hands,
Maybe they warm, Dripping like sands,

Cold and alone, In the life that we lead,
The seeds that were sown, The illusions we need,

Moments dispersed, In time immemorial,
Politically concurred, Love ephemeral,

The glass never empties, a ífore itís refilled,
Life never is, truly fulfilled,

Time alone, Never ends,
Continues its path, The route that it wends,

Two star crossed lovers, A Shakespearean play,
Romeo and Juliet, A truism, today,

To care so little, for what is perceived,
As theologically right, unto those received,

The machine is declined, Whilst the monk is contrite,
To open their minds, to ethereal light,

Two star crossed lovers, Lost in their way,
So much emotion, So little to say.

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Look in the Mirror

Another 'mirror to the soul' poem - like the world needs any more!

I look in the mirror, I see my own reflection,
Donít like what I see, upon inspection,
My senses dulled, Everythingís distant,
Emotions are muddled, like an infantís,
Distant, Persistent, Am I all there,
Images are solid, Reason, Despair,
Do my eyes deceive me, answer my prayer,
Carry my soul, to the demonís lair,
For my troubled mind, what does it care,
If truth is real, or if Iím aware?

Look in the mirror, Tell me what you see,
Look at my face, dear, what will I be?
what does life offer, an unfulfilled youth,
Promised the World, but delivered only struth,
Pictures of people, all with smiley faces,
Post card scenes, of beautiful places,
Popular myths, broken to pieces,
The glamorous rich, fighting for the leases,
Unsettled fines, uncouth graces,
My mindís settled down, as itís tail, it chases.

Look in the mirror, and what do I see,
Lost in the glass, an image of me,
Made up all in black, a vision of doom,
Find me a mother, to hold me to her bosom,
Iím so afraid of the horror and hate,
I see soaring vultures, to seal my fate,
But I want to live, to be so great,
Craving success, my mindís such a state,
Power and Glory, a swansong too late,
Washing my mind, Insanity awaits.

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Modern Living

Utopia Lost in the Translation to EU 'Harmonisation'

Just for You Heather - but shared with the World!


Analogue Chic, Retro Kitch,
Modernist Ideals... Bitch!
Market forces, push divorces,
Media pauses, new diseases,
Collective conscience, drunken senseless,
Youth nonsense, left defenceless,
call in market forces, offer choices,
Sell them 'courses', to make the right noises.

Negotiate to negate, hate
It's never too late, it's our fete,
Bunting & Ribbon around the stalls,
Gather round, the future calls,
Cellophane wrapped, Homogenised'
Pre-packaged pap, disguised,
Branded & Labbled, the lies,
Brave New World, despised

Breath your freedom, unaware,
the cost of liberty, is despair,
Freedom's not free, Life's unfair,
Control is our chain, the bonds we bare,
Manacled still, to a higher chair,
feudal irony, as though you care.

Hypocrisy's rife, ironies wife,
married idioms, 'prescription' Life
The 'nanny state', for whom we all wait,
European dream, a decade to late,
The gravy train, Rails in pain,
It's all the same...... In - sane!


 One for the notice board at work, perhaps Heth?!.

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