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Little Dream 02 - The Black One

Part 1

As She Arrived

Picture is the original E-bay shot, and the advert read:-


For sale is my beloved 1987 D reg Honda 125cc TDE Superdream (4-stroke twin engine) that has only done 14394 miles and is currently a non-starter so this would be a great project for someone with the technical know how to fix up and get this bike running. This bike is extremely rare and difficult to get hold of so grab it now while you can!

According to my local garage, this bike has half the compression it should have and requires new rings (?) Not being a mechanic I have no idea what this is all about but my uncle has informed me that this should be a relatively straight forward job for someone with the technical know-how. I wish I had the time/ability to do this job but unfortunately I'm pretty useless when it comes to this sort of thing.

The bike is in great overall cosmetic condition for its age with 2 good condition tyres with plenty of mileage left on them yet. I have owned this bike since August 2009 and I've used this bike to learn on for the past 9 months. The seat has no rips/tears, the speedo box is clear with no cracks and the mirrors are also in great condition with no cracks etc.

Having passed my bike test this Thursday just gone this bike is unfortunately now surplus to requirements. The bike is completely road legal and has L plates on front and back. Tax expires 31/08/2010, MOT is due on 26/06/2010 and the garage has informed me that in its present condition the bike would easily pass an MOT.

The bike comes with part service history, V5 and I've kept all of the service history and receipts with the bike since I took ownership of the bike last year. Once running, this bike is extremely cheap and easy to run averaging around 100mpg on fuel and 15 a year on road tax, 100 a year (!) comprehensive bike insurance. The bike handles very well and was a great runner until this problem arose- starting first time, every time. This bike would make a great bike for getting to and from work or for someone starting to learn to ride. This bike will always have a special place in my heart and I hope this bike can go to a good home and be given a new lease of life with the work that needs to be done to get it on the road again.

Spotted on E-Bay, with a very low price tag, I looked and I looked and I pondered. It had a dead engine, but it had an MOT!

The thought occurred that with the engine from 'the Heap', which DID actually run, I could quite easily get this bike up and running reasonably quickly, which would give Donna something to ride, while she did her 'project'.... which had 'stalled' after we'd decided we had to scrap Little Dream One. However, things were starting to hot up. Bidding ended on this bike, the morning of May Bank-Holiday Sunday. And we made arrangements to go and get her that day.

Mean while we also had bids on Little Dream Three, and Little Dreams four and Five! We won Three that afternoon, and Four and Five that evening. So we had barely a chance to put her on the drive, make some space for her, take a couple of snap-shots, and were tearing off to collect the others!

Honda CB125 TD-E Honda CB125 TD-E

Basically, as described, she was a really well preserved, and 99% 'Original' example of the type

Honda CB125 TD-E Honda CB125 TD-E

Cosmetically, she was in really good shape, save a few areas of surface rust, and quite a lot of storage dust!

Honda CB125 TD-E Honda CB125 TD-E

The engine cases show a little anticipated wear and tear, and the gear lever rubber is a bit torn

Honda CB125 TD-E Honda CB125 TD-E

Forks though, look really good

Honda CB125 TD-E Honda CB125 TD-E

Honda CB125 TD-E Honda CB125 TD-E

Honda CB125 TD-E Honda CB125 TD-E

When the dust settled a bit...... Donna wanted to get on with Number Three, and DIDN'T want to become 'attached' to another bike before she'd built it. Which meant that the idea of giving her an 'interim' rider was out, so I thought about fixing her with the engine from the heap, and selling her on, to get some pennies back in the pot..... but then I looked at her......

I couldn't do it! she was FAR too neat, tidy and original to muck about with. THIS is a bike that needs to be 'conserved' rather than restored, or simply allowed to decay into the state of MOST 'old' 125's being done on the cheap to keep it going.

So I wrapped her in a duvet cover, tarped her down and generally 'Moth-Balled' her as a bike to fix 'considerately' when I have more time, and space to do it nicely, with the idea, that MAYBE I might keep her as a bike I could follow newbies about on, if I ever go back to instructing, again... though 'Number-Five' has sort of jumped up and down and begged for that job, so maybe I'll just have to try and find a 'good-home' for her when she's done.....

The unfortunate thing, though is that with a dead engine, this bike was most likely to end up broken for spares, so much of the rest of the bike being in such good condition, and I HAVE to say, that sat there while 'doing' Donna's 'Pup' project, with escalating costs, and the hassle of finding obsolete parts, and likewise doing 'The Corporal', it has been very HARD at stages to ignore this little bike, and not pillage her for components!

Part 2 - Initial Tinkerings

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