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Little Dream 02

The Black One

the Second Honda CB125 'Super-Dream' we Bought

Honda CB125 TD-E Honda CB125 TD-E

Then (May 2010) & Now (ish November 2012)

Well, 'The Nice-One' as it's other-wise become known; is now 'done', and last week, I took her down to my jolly MOT Man, who was working on yet another BMW R80, as this winter's project, and interrupted his ponderings over carburettor diaphragms; Moment-Of-Truth, passed first time no advisories! Whe-hey! That's three in a row! A hatric of revived Super-Dreams! So! Finally done, but without a use to be put to, this one is currently "For-Sale". But lets get to the story!

Part 1 - As She Arrived

Honda CB125 TD-EHonda CB125 TD-EHonda CB125 TD-E

Well, the story started with Donna wanting to learn mechanics and build herself a bike to do her training & tests on, and replace her stolen 'Cruiser-Thing' as an every-day get-a-bout; while I had the idea that I wanted a bit of 'occupational-therapy' to fill my time, rather than day-time-TV, to feel a little more en-abled, rather than disabled; and defeated by the heavy mechanics of the Range-Rover, a little learner-legal motorbike ought to fit the bill nicely. "Little-Dreams" had begun.

This was the second bike then, that was acquired, May Bank-Holiday Sunday, 2010, and completely the opposite of the first bike we bought, 'The Heap'. that had been a runner, but when we got it home, fit only for scrap. This had been sold 'Spares or Repairs', a non-runner, and likely to be broken for bits, but just 'so' nice I really couldn't bring myself to do it!

Bought 'Blind'; the idea was I could do 'something' with it regardless. It didn't look like it had enough wrong with it to make a full renovation project, but it had potential, if no more than a valid MOT, and as a non-runner, with a dead engine, it could probably be brought back into commission fairly quickly, swapping the engine for the one out of 'The Heap' to give Donna a bike to use over the summer, while doing another bike as a 'project'.

But...... in a frenzy of enthusiasm, over that bank-holiday weekend... we ended up buying FOUR Super-Dreams! Placing a last minute bid on this one, in bed, on Sunday morning, and winning, we were taken rather by surprise, and were running down to Wiltshire to get it, while watching the other two potential 'project-bikes' we had ear-marked on the lap-top on wireless!

Part 2 - Initial Tinkerings

Honda CB125 TD-E Honda CB125 TD-E Honda CB125 TD-E

Well, "Number Two" sat pretty much untouched for the best part of a year. I lifted the covers from time to time to check things on it to see how they ought to be on either of the other bikes 'work-in-progress', but the only real attention she got was when I took the side-panels & tank off, to trace the decals to have replica graphics made for the other bikes, and had a chance to have a bit of a poke and a prod.

Spring 2011, though, and both the Corporal and the Pup, were 'finished', on the road, and in use, and I had nothing to do, so started to turn my attention to 'The Black-One'....

Part 3 - Fixing the Engine

1987 Honda CB125TD-E, Engine OutHonda CB125 TD-EHonda CB125 TD-E

After doing a top end rebuild on the Corporal's engine, I was a little more confident I knew what to expect tackling this one, so set about taking it out to have a look. Unfortunately, no sooner had I taken the engine out and started taking it to bits... the Corporal's engine snapped its cam-chain and I had to shelve this one, to pull that, and the Corporal's original engine apart to try an make one good one from the two! THEN, when I finally got the engine back together.... The engine in the Pup stuttered to a halt in a cloud of smoke.... so Donna decided to 'borrow' this one to get her through her tests!

Part 4 - Putting it together.... Finally!

1987 Honda CB125TD-E, Engine Out Honda CB125 TD-E Honda CB125 TD-E

13th September, Donna FINALLY passed her motorbike test! She was not eager to relinquish her 'borrowed' engine, though, but I set to in ernest, finding all the bits she had hidden and reconditioning them, and putting them back together, and eventually, when I found her another engine, she gave in! I hadn't intended to do a complete ground up rebuild on this bike, but thank's to Donna's 'Help' I had to, and to be honest, it was no bad thing, and gave me a chance to inspect clean and renovate all the piece-parts along the way. And, 15th November..... Jolly MOT man was treated to another Saved Super-Dream, and I was rewarded for my effort with a first time pass MOT certificate!


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