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The 'Yamaha Enduro'

1975 Yamaha DT125/175MX Hybrid

Friday 16 September 2011

Fiddly Bits!

Bike looked bike like, on Wednesday evening.... As of today, its resting on two wheels again, but tank has been taken off to strip and paint; mudguard is being layered up with hi-build between other jobs, and the side panels haven't moved. Progress, what there has been, is:-

And THAT is two days work, and the bike looks hardly a JOT different NOW than it did on Wednesday! And there's even MORE faffing stuff like that to do.

Hopefully new brake & throttle cable will be here tomorrow; and I can fit and adjust front brake more happily, but pinch bolts ion brake arms are just 'loose' at the moment, until everything is adjusted up and hunky-dory; likewise rear wheel spindle pinch bolts. Chain guard is on 'loose' having discovered I had riveted on the guard stay the wrong way round!

Levers are on 'loose'; and I haven't REALLY cleaned up the wheels very well.. Its ALL grind work at the moment, with nothing obviouse to show for it all! But frustrating, becouse the bike is LOOKING so 'together'.....

One thing though; suspension doesn't 'squeek' any more! Hopefully by end of the week-end, I'll have something more 'functional', and be able to start creating some sort of wiring for it!

Wednesday 21 September 2011

The Custard Tart!

OK, where were we? Nadgert bits, sorting out brackets and levers and tightening stuff up. OK, well, this has been pretty much ongoing. Both side panels have been scraped and sanded; and the rear mudguard, has been being built up with high-build after it's plastic surgery!

1978 Yamaha DT175MX - Side Panlels & Rear Mudguard; waiting Paint

Sides & mudghuard, get some more high-build....

1978 Yamaha DT175MX: Side Panels & Mudguard - Primer

Flatted & shaped

1978 Yamaha DT175MX: Side Panels & Mudguard - Primer

Then some more!

1978 Yamaha DT175MX: Side Panels & Mudguard - Primer

Eventually they get some white primer; and it takes a fair bit to get them evenly and white-ly covered..... before they can be painted yellow!

1978 Yamaha DT175MX:  Mudguard - Painted Yellow1978 Yamaha DT175MX: Side Panels - Painted Yellow

Tank gets similar treatment.

1978 Yamaha DT175MX: Petrol Tank - Sanded

Proved to have some old dents previousely filled. Took a lot of work to rebuild and blend the patches.

1978 Yamaha DT175MX: Petrol Tank - Primer

And an awful lot of white primer to get even 'base' for the colour. But FINALLY I present..... The Custard Tart!

1978 Yamaha DT175MX:Yellow Bodywork - Trial Fitted

Looking like a motorbike again! STILL an awful lot of work to be done. The new cables arrived yesterday. Neither fit! Twist grip is an Amal 'snap-action', but takes imperial cable fitting; DT cable of course is metric, and I need a new tap to cut fine M10 thread needed. Likewise the front brake cable donesn't fit; thread on the adjuster is M8, thread on the brake back-plate, M6! SO, while its 'looking' rather complete; its not. Everything is pretty much only trial fitted, and as yet, everything needs second coats of paint, and 'finish'..... BUT gives an idea of where its going!

Thursday 27 September 2011

Kicked to Death!

Progress? Well I mocked up some decals..... what do you reckon?

1978 Yamaha DT175MX:DRemo Decals FittedMeanwhile, IV'E HAD IT RUNNING!

Much faffing about over the weekend. Fuel Tap Leaks. Wrapped with plumbers tale for the mo. Ignition has been adjusted to death, and the carburetor has been pulled on and off to death; disassembled, probed prodded and sworn at a lot! BUT today, it started!

The kick-start is probably the biggest 'problem'.... I'm a cripple! I actually put my Trials boots on today, 'getting serious' with the thing... but GAWD, I really don't have the strength to be jumping up and down on the thing all day long! The 'stroke' was getting shorter and shorter, until I could barely lift my hoof!

BUT! It started... eventually..... at one point I had 17mm socket on an extension in the drill spinning it over backwards on the flywheel nut to try and give my legs a rest, and see what was going on spark wise.... that sorted, fugging about with the carburetor float height seemed to help stop it flooding.

Pottered down the drive......... ..... and my teenage next door neighbour yelled at me... conveniently! Because I spotted plod on the opposite side of the road, conveniently curbing any over exuberance!

So I pottered back UP the drive again..... and it conked out!

Ten more minutes until my leg stopped working.......

Three more, with the other leg, after cleaning the spark plug; started up again, and stayed alive long enough for me to tickle the throttle stop and keep it running without having to fiddle the twist grip.....

Propped it up, reach round grabbed my multimeter to investigate wires poking out of the magneto...... and..... it died!

SO! That is where I am at! A niggling stage where its not 'quite' all there, and where de-bugging is taking a LOT of time and effort for very little evident 'accomplishment'!  





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