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the Sibbertoft Shake-Down

My First Pay & Play & Honey's Baptism of Mud, Sunday 14th June 2009


Well, Honey had been in my tender care since the middle of April, and my first jobs were to fettle her up to standard, which meant doing some general 'poking and prodding' to discover obvious problems. biggest one of these was that her sills were 'shot', and that was addressed as soon as I could, getting some heavy duty box section steel welded in to replace the tissue of rust under the doors! But, there were other things to do as well, which included tackling the tired and leaking steering box, and seeing if I could get the LPG system to work.

This I did. Took longer than anticipated, because Dave, my local Rangie Friendly welder chap was ill, and while prepping for that bit of surgery, the bottom seal in the steering box actually dropped out, demanding I swapped the steering boxes over, sooner, as in 'immediately' rather than when I got round to it.

But, working to a dead-line, we HAD planned to go on a 'gentle' (he he!) laning expedition round Derbyshire, hoping to drive the legendary Stannage, with some of the LRO crew, including laning guru Organ Grinder, and the 'Little Silver Safe' cracker, Chappers, from the LRO Forum, the Sunday before, the 7th.

That trip, unfortunately didn't happen. I managed, incredibly, to get Honey into some kind of serviceable state; welding done and back on my drive on the Wednesday, Steering box removed Thursday, Jaqui's steering box fitted up Friday, and Saturday, the wheels swapped for the Dakars, and a little 'fettling' like fitting the CB.

So, when the Stannege trip didn't work out, I felt a little let down, and started looking around for something else to do instead, and with noting 'happening' green-lane wise, looked around at what P&P sites might be open, pondering to have a go at one of them, and struck upon the Avalanche Adventures web-site, advertising a convenient date at Sibbertoft, which it would seem is my most 'local' P&P venue.

So off I went, after making arrangements for a 'Recovery-Buddy' in Abe, the erstwhile 'Rasta-Blanca', who, in three or more years of owning Landies, has yet to get one of them muddy!

Honey's Baptism of Mud.

The Rest of the 'Lap'

After a little 'familiarisation' pootling, didn't take me long to decide to do a video 'lap'..... and get well and truly stuckered!

But, tugged out, and off I went again, and within five minutes had a phone call from the Rasta-Blanca to tell me he was in the car-park, so I went and got him, and got him signed up, and almost immediately had to tug a PJ off a cross-axle.

We then tootled around a bit more, showing Abe the site, before letting him take Honey's wheel, and letting him loose, on the loose!

Now! All I have is a few 'vid-clips', and not many of them all that brilliant, I'm afraid, because, the cammy-corder got dropped! Which sort of impaired its functioning a little for the rest of the day! But you get a flavour of it all!

Tooling About

Not caught on camera, the Rasta-Blanca, drove her straight into a bank! Then shortly after, she started developing leccie gremlins, EVERY-ONE told me were 'V8 Trouble'....

I discovered a dislodged wire, I THINK is the second temp sensor for the injection system; so, and I'm still working on this, reading 'cold' it turned the choke on.... and she started running ritch, which she does anyway, especially re-starting when there is already gas in the pipes and she starts squirting petrol in!

Anyway, she got a bit reluctant to start, and it seems the main fault was the past its best starter motor just gave up! So I came home on the end of a rope, with a flat battery, that wouldn't turn the starter even with a set of jump-leads on it..... so I've been de-bugging that since!

Oh the joy of Land-Rovers. Biggest bit of the adventure was coming home, on the tow-rope, via the back-lanes. Getting lost, when on tow, and having to try and turn round, two, two ton Range-Rovers attached by a rope, in a tight country road, JUST found to be a dead end, is..... err.... interesting!

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