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 Jumpin'Jack Flash

1991 Range Rover Vogue 3.9V8 Auto - on LPG

Jumpin' Jack? Well, they gota have a name, aint they? Jumpin Jack? Well, Jumpin Jack Flash, run's on Gas Gas Gas, dunee?

Yup, phase two.

What Bert should have become; a gas converted Rangie, offering small car ecconomy, Estate car versatility, and 4x4 off-road-ability - in short all things to all men - or as close as possible to the 'universal' motorcar.

Looks a lot like Bert, doesn't she? Well, its only skin deep. Jack - and she's a she, so I guess its short for Jaquiline - is a 1991, Range Rover 3.9Efi Vogue Automatic, converted to run on LPG (See Gas Guzzler? in 'features).

And other than being the same shape and colour, she doesn't have much in common with her elder brother - sure she got a V8 engine, but its a LOT different, and its attached to a different gearbox, a different transfer box, the axles are different, and the engine bay is just crammed full of pumps and pulleys and stuff, for all the 'features' they loaded these things up with.

I am SURE I shall become more than familiar, if not intimate, with these things as time progresses, but lets start at the beginning!

The story starts October 19th 2004, when Bert was driven off the drive by my errant wife in a pique of homicidal eloquence. Yes, she tried to run me down with him. Made a change actually, before she'd just tried to stick knives in me, but I think that his one would have been messier, and might have spoiled a very nice Range Rover!!

Any way - as you MIGHT imaging, matrimonial harmony, was not exactly at it's peak. I wont bore you with the tedious details, I have done elsewhere if you want to go find them. But basically she had gone round the twist, big time.

I'd actually been telling people that for months, but they never believed me. They STILL didn't believe me when she tried repeatedly to cut my throat for no apparent reason, and carried on not believing me until she left, taking Bert and my children with her. After over a year, and a lot of protracted court hearings, they eventually SORT of believed me, and she is now under court order to have psychiatric therapy. NOT that it has helped me very much, but there you go.

Any way, she went, leaving me destitute, pretty much, and a nervous wreck, signed off as incapacitated due to emotional trauma. I'd just spent twelve weeks rebuilding a V8 to go into Berts engine bay, and she drove off with it. In those twelve weeks, Wheezil's MOT had expired, and I hadn't had a chance to do any work on her.

As a stop gap, I had acquired an old VW Golf, that filled with water every time it rained and had windows that didn't wind down, and looking around I realised that Wheezil needed a LOT more than a bit of tinkering to get her through her MOT - in fact, she needed a LOT of tinkering and about 500 worth of welding.

Hmmm. Dilemma time. As a newly single person, I really didn't need a ten seat Land Rover any more, that wasn't a particularly practical every day vehicle, and I certainly couldn't afford to run her as a second car.

So, I let her be for a while. I ran the golf until I couldn't stand it any more, and a friend of a friend offered me a Metro Automatic, that needed a new ball joint to get through its MOT.

I have a soft spot for Metro's and it was a really nice little car, for ten months, until some thieving toe rag decided to remove it from my drive, hammer it around until it ran out of petrol and then smashed it into another car.

Oh well, didn't really cost me anything. Just a bit of a pain to have no car. Had a motorbike, but NOT exactly much fun in the colder weather!

And then I got a call from the police - they'd found the metro. Whey Hey! Maybe their not so useless after all! Great news, I thought, until they told me that they had had it recovered, and I contacted the recovery people to tell me they wanted 150 for recovering it and 30 a DAY for looking after it for me thereafter!

Damn thing was only insured third party! Had to pay them for the recovery and about four days storage until I could beg the money to pay them off a relative! The mind boggles!

Any way - time to look at Wheezil again. A sorry state. All that time, money and effort that had gone into her, and there she sat, forlorn on the drive.

I looked long and hard and agonised over what to do. For what she'd cost to fix up, I could buy a banger from the Kosovan's 'Car Bargain' place down the road with six months tax and test, that would probably be more useful to me. Which wasn't actually an option either, as I didn't even have the money for that.

So, I deliberated and I tried getting about by motorbike, even braving the snow on one again, wondering if it was a practical option to use the bike where the Wheezil's deficits would show.

Ultimate answer was no. You just cant get a months worth of shopping on a motorbike - even a 750cc motorbike, and trying to pack a freezer load of chops, chicken wings and veg into a pair of 'Oxford' throwovers just doesn't work. I NEEDED another car. But my budget was burger all.

I Wanted a Landie or Rangie - but I couldn't even afford a clapped out old Fiesta! So, I decided to break the Wheezil. Heart wrenching, but it had to be done.

As a 'project' it was worth maybe 500, IF I could find some-one mug enough to buy her. If I did her up, and tried selling her as a goer - really, I'd have been no better off, realistically being able to realise perhaps 1000 after spending 500 or more, which I didn't have to begin with.

But, there was about four grands worth of parts gone into her, and broken, and sold as spares, seperately, I reckoned I might be able to get about a third of that back. So rather than 500 as a complete vehicle, I reckoned I could get maybe 1500 for her parts. Even if I could just get a grand, that would go a long way to getting me a road worthy rangie, which seemed like a good way to go.

But, it would have to be a gas converted Rangie. A bit of figuring over LPG prices, showed it was viable - OK so a Rangie might only do 18MPG or there about, but on half price fuel, that's about the equivalent of 36mpg on petrol, which even the Metro didn't give.

A bit costly to buy, or convert to gas though, and the thought did go through my mind as to whether it was really necessary - I mean, in ten months owning the Metro, I only filled it up five times, and the last tank full was used by the twockers who nicked it!

So, for that little mileage, was it really THAT important?

I decided yes. I'm impoverished and putting a bit extra into getting gas now, would make running it feel a lot less constrictive - I mean, I might not need to fill it very often, but finding 70 or 80 when I did would NOT be easy, on a weekly budget of 50! So gas HAD to be the way to go.

Next, it had to be an auto. Why? Well I like auto's and I have a dodgy knee. Why make life difficult for yourself?

Next? Well, I don't REALLY want to have to spent months and money fixing it up. Needs to have tax and test and be driveable straight away.

Other than that - well, pretty much anything goes. Decent tail gates and a roof that doesn't look like a beduine boudoir with the headlining draping down would be nice - but important bit - budget - had to get EVERYTHING for under a grand, including tax test and insurance - well, maybe we can push the insurance out on instalments, but Tax and test at least, because realistically, it had to be entirely funded by what I could salvage from selling bits of Wheezil.

So, I started my search. Found a couple of promising examples, but either didn't have the money available, or the chance to view, so saw them sold when I had the opportunity to call, or disappear over my threshold on e-bay - which was a relief actually, I don't like e-bidding!

So, there I was, one Wednesday afternoon, getting more and more irate, loosing more and more blood, trying to get some bits of Wheezil to fund this project, when I call it a day, jump in the bath, then sit down at he PC while I dry of and have a coffee.

Idly scouring the small adds, I find a new advert for a 1991 3.9 EFi on gas, fifteen miles away. MOT failure in waiting, needing 400 worth of work, that the seller couldn't afford to have done, going for 550.

Hmmmmmm. I pondered. Sipped my coffee and contemplated. Unknown quantity with a test, or known quantity without one? Well, got to be worth going and having a look. And by a coincidence of serendipity, had my mothers car on the drive available to use to go view.

So I did.

When I got there - pretty impressive - until I looked underneath and round the back!

Sure, it was a 3.9 - nice gas conversion, torpedo tanks under the sills, so room for me to fit a boot seat kit to make it a seven seater, like Bert, but that 400 worth of 'work' was more like 400 worth of parts. Garage estimate showed knacked suspension bushes, sloppy steering box, and weeping swivel seals. "Yeah" says the seller "They're only about a fiver each - just a bit of a pain to fit" - "Yes" says I, "and 50 a side to fit new swivels, because the chrome on them has gone and that's what's caused the seals to fail"

Ah, well, I don't know that much about it, just telling you what Garage guy said" he says. Hmmmmmmm

Well, what do we have. Tidy interior. All the windows work. Air con works. Heater works. Gas works well. Runs nice. Lets take it for a drive. Yup. goes up and down through the box OK, Hi-Lo engages crisply, doesn't seem to be scrubbing like the dif-lock's jammed (was still trying to figure out if this was the age that got visco units - it was!) Ideas about block porosity, and zf 4 speed problems dogged my mind. I switched of the engine, to stop its seductive rumble influencing my thinking!

I offered the bloke a ton less than he was asking to account for the swivel kits. He accepted. I drove Jack home, via the petrol station, as he never seemed to have put any in it, running almost entirely on gas.

Drove a treat, and went like a rocket when I switched it to regular petrol! But even on gas, had more poke than Bert ever did - and a shed load more toys. Damn things even got a CD player!

Christened her Jumpin Jack outside the chippy, I stopped at to celebrate, with my auntie who I'd taken to drive the second motor if I'd bought her.

So, that's was how Jack wound up in my tender mercies. Next little problem? Getting her an MOT and some insurance! I didn't want another project? WHY do I do these things? Just love Landies, I guess!

Update December 2007

Been threatening to update this article for SO long now! Is it REALLY two years since Jaqui came to live with me? Guess it must be!

So, what's the Story? Well, I collected her the night I saw her in January 2006; She still had six months T&T on her, though I had that 'Jobs-List' to worry about; so I got some insurance on her, and used her for a while; taking Wheezil's axle up to Wrexham, as recounted in The 'Axle' Run, for instance, and using the money acquired from that transaction to get Jaqui a new steering box.

When the tax ran out, and with most of the bits to finish fettling her, I set about getting on with the work, BUT........ took a BIT longer than anticipated; not so much because there was anything particularly difficult or unforeseen in there; it was just the normal proliferation of rusty stubborn nuts and bolts and heavy lumps of old iron!

My 'condition' vis-a-vis the nervous breakdown was getting worse; all the shenanigans and stresses and strain of court proceedings and everything else on top, were making me quite seriously ill. I was suffering fatigue very badly, so I lacked the physical strength to do very much for very long, and my nerves were getting worse, so my co-ordination wasn't what it was. And it got to a point where I had to admit I was being stupid even trying, all I was likely to do was hurt myself!

So, for a while I turned my attentions to the 'Dawg'; electrical gremlins and mechanics that are an awful lot lighter & I thought I could cope with; and in fact I did; fettling the old hound up ready for an MOT, ONLY to discover that I hadn't got the strength in my legs to hold the thing upright to ride it!

So, I was loaned a Volvo as a 'get-about'! Which, it did, and I am in some part grateful for; BUT; it was a manual, and I struggled to drive it. And when it's tax ran out; HAD to try and get Jaqui sorted out. And when it looked like I might be able to take the kids away for a holiday (See: Seven Nights in Somerset), impetus was rather more significant.

My next door neighbour, Andy, came to my aid and like a trooper, dived under and provided the physical strength I lacked to lift the old steering box out, and the new one in; fit new anti-roll bar links and undo hub nuts and stuff, while I gave directions and staggered about doing the lighter jobs like fit the new swivel seals, and make up new brake pipes; as featured in A Bit of Flair! and Swivel Seal Swizzle!, aided in no small part by my 12 year old lad, Kaine, who did a sterling job, of Quality Control, going over all the bolts Andy had done up, making sure they were tight-enough with the torque wrench, between wielding the cammy-corder for the vid clips for the articles and stuff.

This got her to a state where I could actually take her for an MOT; which, she failed! She needed a new set of tyres, and the holes in the bonnet & tail gate filling, and while I had renewed all of the front brake pipes, I'd NOT done the chassis runs, and they were just as bad, particularly where they are least visible behind brackets and stuff, where the crud collects.

So, my Aunt, kindly ferried me all the way up to Cannock with the wheels in the boot of her newly acquired and pristine Toyota, to have Craddocks mount a nice set of Insa Turbo 'Dakar' remoulds on them.

Andy, clambered back under to pull the old brake pipes off the chassis while I made up replacements; then with the bonnet and boot off, I set to with an old stick welder and some off-cuts of tin plate from the back of an old washing machine to make the bonnet & boot 'good'.

I make mention elsewhere that welding is an acquired art, and how I GENERALLY try and avoid welding if I can.

I am NOT very good at it, as this bears testimony too!

Not helped by the fact I was trying to weld panel gauge with a stick welder, where a MIG would have been more appropriate! BUT, it's non structural, and wasn't any where THAT obvious, and I didn't want glass and filler falling out as the rust spread, so thought I'd try and do the job 'properly' if not well.

And actually, dressed off with an angry grinder, skimmed with panel fill, and tidied up with high-build primer, as the bonnet was, it's not THAT bad!

Top coat and lacquer, though could wait until I had got a ticket on it.

Which wasn't forthcoming!

Had to go fill up with LPG for the retest; and with 30 worth in the tanks, got back to find the rear wing panel frosted!

In the year sat idle on the drive, filler nozzle seal had perished, but worse, behind, the union on the filler pipe had corroded through.

So a new filler was needed. JUST to get it through the test though; I plugged the filler nozzle with tape and gummed loads round the union; I was running short on time for the retest!

But, fer fugs SAKE!

Got it to the test centre, got it up on the ramps, and chap told me I had a fuel leak!

I know, I told him, pleadingly; I've ordered a new LPG nozzle, but it wont be here for three days!

"Not bothered about THAT" He said, "You got petrol leaking down the chassis"

Wouldn't you Bleedin credit it! Under the ramps, I walked round to have a look; Thing runs and was tested on LPG, so the fuel supply wasn't 'essential' to the test; ONLY, the ruddy fuel pump constantly circulates fuel through the lines; it's not isolated when you switch to gas, so even though it wasn't using petrol, it was still pumping the stuff out of this leaky hose!

WHICH, we realised had only become leaky, because we had disturbed all the crud around it while replacing the brake lines!

Bit of a bludger it was too; the leak was on the hard hose going to the pump, JUST behind where it twisted up and over the chassis, behind the body mount, under the boot-floor, above the chassis! IE; a tiny little crevice where ALL the crud collects, and there's bludger all room to splice in a new section..... .

The rest of the fuel pipes along the chassis runs weren't in much better shape, and when I asked my local factors, they didn't have any 1/4" bore pipe in on reels any way; and trying to fit it up would almost have demanded lifting the rear body off the chassis!

Drastic measures were called for. I bought 25 feet of 1/4" re-enforced rubber hose! I cut the hard pipes where they came up to the fuel rail on the firewall under the bonnet, and swaged them with the flaring kit, then clamped the two ends of the rubber hose over them!

Then got Andy to thread the hose all the way along the chassis to the boot floor, where I lifted the inspection panel to get at the fuel pump, and got him to poke the rubber hose through to me, so I could cut the ends and try and splice them over whatever unions were on the pump.

They crumbled! The hoses coming out of the pump cracked inside the pump before the unions came undone. I ended up having to strip the pump, and cut some reasonable sections of hard pipe out of the old chassis runs and variously soldering and gluing it into place to make the old pump good! Or at least serviceable!

LOTS of faffing about, BUT, we got the 'faults' sorted; ish! At least well enough to get her through her test any way; the new LPG filler arriving and was a comparative doddle to replace, whilst still mucking about with the petrol pump!

So, tested, and thence taxed, she could return to service; which was useful, as I was planning to take the kids away in the caravan, and that sort of depended upon having Jaqui serviceable to tow it!

First task after test, then was a 'shake-down'; and still in primer over the patches, we headed off on The Southam Shake-Down; which went PRETTY well, though the exhaust mid section clamp worked its way loose and needed new bolts fitting up. And one of the new tyres shed a strip of rubber, making a strange clattering sound!

Other wise, though, she seemed up to taking the 'van away; and that was her next outing; Seven nights in Somerset. She towed the caravan a treat, after I had sorted out the tow hitch to get it towing level; but....... err...... well, I KIND of dinged it!

Spotted a Green-Lane on the way to the beach; it was just FAR too tempting! And I clobbered the dropper plate AND the steering damper on a chuffing rock! (Removed half the Brooklands spoiler, too!)

But, didn't dent our enthusiasm or enjoyment of the holiday; and she brought us home safe and sound too; apart from ONE heart stopping moment just outside Gloucester on the way back!

Boring, monotonous motorway miles; then, on a steep hill, she started to loose power, as I pressed that bit harder to hold my road speed up the hill; the hill getting steeper, the loss getting worse, until we were down to 30mph, and I pulled over onto the hard shoulder, perplexed, and agitated, with the memory of Wheezil's first run down south with the caravan, dying on the way home, coming frighteningly back to mind.

I stared at the dash-board for a few moments; blipped the throttle, fiddled with the gear lever; none of it making MUCH sense, until I looked at the odometer, and we'd done over 120miles since we left Somerset.

"That's odd!" I Thought, "All this way, and the gas gauge hasn't gone down........"

A light bulb appeared above my head, and a few moments later it started to glow, as the two ideas sort of worked themselves out; run out of LPG, TIME to switch to Full Price Fuel!

Yes, ALWAYS watch the odometer and NEVER believe the 'guess' gauge; they are notoriously unreliable, and it not budging in all those hours of driving SHOULD have given me the clue. But motorway drudgery REALLY does have that effect!

So, we switched to unleaded, and off we went, suddenly with a full compliment of ponies to haul us along!

As pics show, I threw some metallic paint over the primered patches, before we went on holiday, AND attached a cute little transfer in the rear side window!

After that the old girl's outings have been mainly limited to 'round town' work, doing the usual kinds of things, going to the supermarket, taking the kids swimming and dropping them off; and averaging about 160miles to 30 worth of LPG, which I was annoyed to see hit 50p/l. Though seeing DERV nudge over 1/l sort of gave me some recompense!. That's about about 12mpg, or there-about, which ISN'T that great; but not surprising given the stop-start sub 40mph driving she's mainly done.

There's been no major excursions, apart from a trip to Twycross / Bosworth to see 'Thomas the Tank Engine' on the Shackerston 'Battle' line, preserved railway. It's detailed in the The 'Thomas Trip, but Jacqui's part was merely to convey us the 15 miles there and back again!

Slightly longer, but hardly memorable, was a 150mile excursion to North Staffordshire to help my mother close up her caravan for the winter. Run gave more reasonable MPG, though.

I then had one incident, where Jacqui had to come home from the other side of town on the end of a tow rope, with which we managed to remove the other half of the spoiler!

After the water pipe from the Gas evaporator decided to rupture and dump all her coolant every where, mostly into the alternator that refused to supply any charge until it had dried out! And, a bit of hassle with that ruddy tyre we discovered a fault on, not staying up, that probably didn't help the MPG any!

Then the night before Christmas Eve, I had another, and managed to clobber a turn-pike! It was foggy and icy, and I was trying to get a bracket on a wall to take a TV set, so I could set up the Kids Christmas present, a Nintendo Wii, and had popped over to pick up my cousin Ghengi (Don't ask!) to help me, and get my SDS drill back off him.

He lives about five mils away in Keresley, and I'd taken the 'direct' route, down the country lanes, but missing a turn in the fog, ended up hading down a dead end road that terminated in a car-park to one of the village rugby clubs.

They were having their Christmas party, so the turn-pike gate to the car-park was open

It loomed out of the mist at me, and I braked. Hard. But Mud Terrains don't work to well on sheet ice, and two tons of mass sliding down a mild incline on the stuff didn't want to stop no matter how much the ABS tried to stop the wheels locking..... and I slid gracefully into the hedge at the end of the road, the end of the open turn-pike grazing the top of the bonnet!

This did NOT make me happy, but after numerous Irish Coffee's, Ghengi & I managed to not only get a 22" TV set on my Landing wall, but also fit a twin socket to the wall beneath it, AND wire it into the ring circuit!

Oh, yes, the bulbar was detached when we sorted out the steering and stuff. Don't know whether it would have saved the dented bonnet, though. It rocked pretty precariously on it's mounts!

I'd wanted to take the side steps off too, but they were a bit recalcitrant, and too close to the LPG tanks to want to risk flailing about with the angle grinder! So they've stayed. Whether I'll manage to get them off at a later date, I don't know, but I would like to get them off and put some skid plates under the gas tanks in their place, and maybe a steering guard to replace the front spoiler.

Oh, & the number plate now resides in the obligatory position on the dash, in front of the instrument binnacle, as the glue holding it to the bracket under the bumper gave up trying to cling to the rust!

Summing up, bill to get her through her test WAS a bit irksome; but mainly due to needing new tyres all round. They were just shy of 200, but that's not inordinate for a full set of tyres for ANYTHING; you'd pay 30 a corner for something 'ordinary' like a Sierra. And I would have wanted to get a set of muds for her at some point any way.

Other bits and pieces that were needed, were niggling more than expensive; I think it was about 20 for the fuel line, which was annoying, 25 for the LPG filler, and about 50 for the brake line, fittings, and other odds-n-sods as we went along. The 10 I spent on paint to tidy up the patches was incidental in comparison to the 30 I spent on filler and primer, though! And only REALLY to finish the job.

A lot of people still reckon I'm stupid to be trying to run a V8 Range Rover on a budget, and err, yeah, well that tyre bill DID give me pause for thought, but; she's not proving unbearable; and that decision to go LPG is proving wise; she only does limited miles, so I tend only to have to fill her up about once a fortnight or three weeks, and 30 is within my 'comfort zone'. 13mpg isn't great, but due mainly to the type of short stop town driving she's being used for, that wouldn't let any car give great gas-mileage.

Main thing though, is that she is back in service, and doing all that is asked of her, and I'm still very pleased with my 'Pocket Money' Range Rover.

Update April 2008

Well, a curious 'non' winter! This was about alll the snow we saw in my little bit of Britain, and the rst has just been a mixed bag of mucky weather, that doesn't give you much opportunity to do much of anything, really!

However, in late February we had a wk-ends Alpine spring, and managed a day trip to Wales, reported in; Destination:....Criccieth?

A great day out, with a little off-road adventure, but also a bit more De-ja-vu, when Jacqui started making a grating noise from her back axle, echoing Bert's adventure in Wales!

In the Snowdonia Run, I mention how Bert started making a grinding noises up thee back during the trip, which eventually lead me to first overhaul the brake callipers, then the wheel-hubs. That lead to the article, Hubs Inspection, Maintenance & Overhaul, which for various reasons never got completely finished, while I never did write up the calliper overhaul.

However, predicting similar maladies lurking under Jacqui's rear arches, I had a bit of a 'poke about', and ordered some bits from Craddocks, and set to overhauling the callipers, this time capturing my endeavours in the article, Take a Brake!, and used the opportunity to get the missing shots to complete the 'hubs' article.

The noise that had developed on the return from Criccieth was basically a pad loosing its friction material and grating metal on metal on the disc. Uneven wear on the pads indicated a sticking calliper piston, and a little brake binding. Probably one of the contributing factors to my horrendous MPG.

Any way, the brake discs were scheduled for replacement any way, so I did the whole lot, and paid a lot of attention to the hub bearings, hoping that they wouldn't be collapsed this time! They weren't, and adjusted up, I was quit happy!

Apart from a small 'problem' the result of plugging a faulty Halfords 'Travel' kettle into the cigar lighter, blowing 'something' leaving me with  no electric windows, no radio, no cigar lighter, and no map-light!

One would presume it was merely a fuse, but CAN I find it?!?!

Not on your nelly! The fuse box is conveniently sited on the dash-board, and you would think ONE of them protects something as likely to get 'blown' as the cigar lighter, but working my way through ALL of them, not ONE is blown, which has left me scratching my head and searching out the horrendously sited 'auxiliary' fuses dotted about variously under the seats, behind the kick-panels and behind the dash-board.

NONE of them seem at fault, and NEITHER do the relays! So I'm stumped on that one for the minute, but conveniently have an immobiliser to fit, so at least I can graft that in while I have all the trim off!

Main thing though, is she's still going!

Update April 2009

But not any more! Well........ she IS...... sort of! But a years worth to catch up on!

Never DID discover where the fuse had gone; ended up grafting in a new feed for the accessory circuit, intending to do the job 'propper' when I got round to it; but as everything worked....... left it alone!

The immobiliser was another question. Horrible thing, for some reason the battery kept going flat, so I ended up disconnecting it! But as that left me uninsured, I had to sort something else out. Solution was to wire it into a switched feed. No power to it without the ignition 'on', so it wouldn't drain the battery; and without power it would isolate everything until it got some; so only draw back was the pretty little red flashing LED didn't!

AND..... while she was in daily use and started first touch of the key, great! But then came winder, and I discovered that the power management module turned off all circuits except the starter and ignition, when you engage the starter! This meant that you had about 15 seconds of power in the capacitors holding the immobiliser relays closed to crank the engine, before the immobiliser switched itself off and immobilised the ignition!

The 'plan' was to use an old alarm system battery and a couple of diodes to provide a reserve to power the immobiliser; the battery is sat under the passenger seat, but got no further........ as did many things!

I had let the 'jobs-list' get on top of me through the summer. Doing the brakes on the back axle had taken far more time and effort than it should; not Jaqui's fault, just me completely under-estimating my increasingly limited capabilities!

She took us on holiday again in July, and we had great fun 'rescuing' cars stuck on the beach at Weston-super-Mere..... and we had a few day trips.

But like me, she was getting more and more wobbly on her legs; what she needed was a complete suspension overhaul; 'Ah!' thinks I, 'Perfect excuse to fit a 'lift kit'..... I mean, with under slung LPG tanks, she could use a bit more clearance......' And so I went 'poking around'......

Come Christmas, she was on SORN, and I was contemplating how much it was going to cost to have her sills, arches and boot floor welded, and looking at the dust hanging around the upper-tailgate glass, and trying NOT to mentally tot up how much I was going to have to spend on parts to get her back on the road........ and started concerning myself with those 'little' problems, like trying to find out why the speedo wasn't working!

Eventually, though, I decided I was on a high-road to no-where. There was just TOO much for me to put right, and not enough money to do it! Shame, because she still runs sweet as a nut; starting first click on the key, and drives great! Sounds wonderful too..... but then that's more courtesy of the Swiss cheese exhaust than anything!

So, with a little 'mobility money' saved up; I decided to go hunting for a replacement; figuring it wasn't a cop out; When I bought Jaqui, I got her for a real-steal price, and the idea that IF she lasted three years I was doing well. And so, just about three years later, I have to say, "Yeah, thanks old girl; you gave me my money's worth!"

So time to look for something new, and to introduce you to 'Honey'..... Jacqui's successor, who is an almost identical 1991 Range Rover 3.9Efi Auto, in Plymouth Blue, with LPG! Bought NOT without fault; Jacqui is currently helping me 'diagnose' certain problems by letting me borrow her 'bits'.... so she's not going anywhere in a hurry just yet!

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